3D Graphic Artist - Yogyakarta


  • Dipos pada: Rabu, 13 Juni 2018
  • Berlaku hingga: Kamis, 5 Juli 2018
  • Lokasi: Provinsi Yogyakarta
  • Pendidikan: Sarjana (S1)
  • Industri: Lainnya
  • Kategori Posisi: Lainnya

Tentang Pekerjaan

As a member of graphic team at Yogyakarta Studio, you will take part in the graphic production for Gameloft's world-acclaimed mobile games. In collaboration with other production teams, your main tasks will consist of modeling characters and 3D backgrounds (low resolution) and creating textures (adapted for low resolution).

  • Excellent knowledge of 3Ds MAX (experience in Character Studio) and Photoshop.
  • Excellent knowledge in textures, texturing and painting is a plus (ZBrush, etc.).
  • Excellent understanding of human anatomy and motion.
  • Excellent knowledge of design basics (relief, lighting, composition, perspective, colors, etc.)
  • Ability to work under pressure, autonomous, responsible and well-organized.
  • Open-minded and knowledgeable in contemporary media (web, games, comics, film, animation, etc.).
  • Higher education degree in fine arts, applied arts, multimedia.
  • Video game enthusiast.