Datawarehouse Specialist (3+ years experience)

PT Altrovis Tekno Global

  • Dipos pada: Kamis, 24 Mei 2018
  • Berlaku hingga: Sabtu, 24 November 2018
  • Lokasi: Indonesia
  • Pendidikan: Sarjana/S1
  • Industri: Teknologi Informatika / Komputer
  • Kategori Posisi: Lainnya

  1. Assist with the design of technical and functional requirements for data integration and datawarehouse projects
  2. Gather business users requirement in order to develop enterprise Datawarehouse / BI solution
  3. Advises and recommends best practices for design, development, and testing of ETL processes
  4. Perform Query inside ETL from mutiple data source, such as Oracle, MySQL, MySAP, Excel
  5. Design and build Cube while performing custom script
  6. Maintain data consistency in SQL Server such as Master Data Management (MDM) and perform Data Quality Services (DQS)
  7. Assist in the development of front end reporting and analytics solutions for the Datawarehouse
  8. Familiar developing BI Solution in Hadoop Environment as well as data analytics tools
  1. Minimum 3 years of experience in Datawarehouse field:
    o Designing ETL solutions for data migration or data integration
    o Designing cube/tabular data model
    o Developing MDM and DQS in SQL Server
    o Good practice in IT Datawarehouse or data integration projects
  2. Minimum 1 year of experience in Hadoop and data analytics:
    o Develop solution in Hadoop Cloudera environment
    o Data preparation for analytical use
    o Familiar with data analytics tools
    o Familiar in using R/Phyton
  3. Minimum 3 years of experience in reporting development:
    o Design and prepare data for reporting use
    o Develop report using SSRS, PowerBI
  • SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Data Tools
  • Oracle, MySQL, MySAP, Excel
  • MDM, DQS
  • Hadoop environment
  • SQL Server analytics tools: R Server