Senior All-in-one HRD Manager


  • Dipos pada: Jumat, 11 Mei 2018
  • Berlaku hingga: Sabtu, 2 Juni 2018
  • Lokasi: Sekitar Jakarta Barat
  • Pendidikan: Sarjana (S1)
  • Industri: Internet / Media Online / E-Commerce
  • Kategori Posisi: Personalia / SDM / HR

Tentang Pekerjaan

Job Desk:

  • Recruiting great talents for the company
  • Managing employee contracts, filing, and related documents
  • Keeping all data confidential and secure
  • Creating good culture and atmosphere in office to boost team happiness and productivity
  • Creating compensation plans & benefits
  • Handling general affairs
  • Processing employee payrolls


  • Min of 3 years of well proven experience in managing HR Dept.
  • Able to communicate in English
  • Strong knowledge in people management, compensation & benefit
  • Excellent personal and communication skills to be loved and respected by all team members
  • Knows how to find, interview and select great talents for the company
  • Understand HR, BPJS, and other rules in Indonesia very well
  • Creative and fun
  • Well organized and discipline
  • Able to resolve personel conflict peacefully