DevOps Engineer

KMK Online

  • Dipos pada: Rabu, 4 April 2018
  • Berlaku hingga: Jumat, 4 Mei 2018
  • Lokasi: Kota Jakarta Pusat
  • Pendidikan: Minimal S1
  • Industri: Hiburan / Media / Penerbitan
  • Kategori Posisi: Lainnya

Deskripsi Lowongan

  • Building and managing our infrastructure, running on Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services
  • Programming infrastructure automation code in Ansible and Python
  • Optimizing our server build and code deploy process
  • Implementing auto-scaling techniques
  • Enhancing monitoring tools across our servers
  • Continuously learning inside and outside the office
  • Working with software engineers to deploy code regularly

Persyaratan Umum

  • General Linux system administration skills
  • Experience at least one high-level-language: Python, Perl, Lua, Ruby, Java, C++
  • Ability to operate in high-pressure environment and successfully handle multiple priorities
  • Strong shell scripting skills

Persyaratan Khusus

Jenjang Pendidikan:Minimal S1
Jurusan Terkait:S-1 Pendidikan Teknik Informatika dan Komputer, S-1 Teknik Informatika
IPK Minimal:2.75
Bonus points for:
  • Experience with automated configuration management tools: Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform, GCP: GCE, GCS, BigQuery
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services, AWS: EC2, S3, ELB, VPC
  • Experience with container systems like Docker, ECS
  • Experience with Nginx, Tomcat
  • Experience with NoSQL DB like Cassandra
  • Experience with Hadoop, Kafka, Pig, Hive
  • Good understanding of CDN setups such as Akamai
  • Have integrated with SaaS providers such as Datadog or AppDynamics